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Nonino y Calladita joined the Vimeo video sharing network, for performing artists and other creative artists. To see a typical example of milonguero-style, close-embrace tango, see our tango-nuevo video uploaded to Vimeo, dancing Argentine tango to non-traditional tango music.

At the beginning of the year, in February 2011, we were afforded a chance to dance on stage at the Jazz Depot, downtown Tulsa, on a Sunday evening, with Amy Cottingham’s piano trio performing tango-nuevo (on piano, violin/viola and cello), namely, Piazzolla’s Estaciones Porteñas, or the “Seasons of Buenos Aires,” as they are sometimes known in English. The piano trio (Amy Cottingham, with Winona Fifield on violin, and Krassimira Figg on cello) performed three of the four pieces in the cycle: Primavera Porteña (Buenos Aires Spring), Verano Porteño (Buenos Aires Summer), and Invierno Porteño (Buenos Aires Winter), all of them originally composed between 1964-1970 by Astor Piazzolla. These were not intended by the composer as dance pieces per se, so interpreting them, let alone improvisationally as we did, was likely the biggest challenge so far for us as a performing dance couple. Fortunately we were part of a sextet of dancers, with our stalwart friends — el Galanteador y Chiquita, as well as el Chamuyador y Nena — also performing with us, on stage. Attempting to dance Piazzolla’s "Seasons" is probably one of the most difficult things a milonguero (tango dancer) can do, given that they are so different from the vintage tangos of the 1930s, 40s and 50s, and Piazzolla is so unpredictable. This was a true test of improvisational and interpretive dance skills, in the public eye no less, to music that many Argentines consider undanceable! You can’t say we’re not game, here in Tulsa. There were about 200 people in attendance, and it was a very appreciative crowd: three women said afterward that they were actually moved to tears.
We also danced to a piano instrumental version of Carlos Gardel’s Volver (The Return to Buenos Aires), composed in 1934. You and your trio were amazing Amy! And El Chamuyador deserves credit for this one as co-producer. Thank you so much for including us! Of course, a special thank you to the beautiful and graceful Calladita, my partner both on and off the dance floor.

Also earlier this year, in April 2011, we hope you enjoyed our dance performance of Argentine tango set to some rock’n’roll –for something different– for our demonstration dance at the OSU Student Union Ballroom, as part of the Noche de Tango organized by the Latin Dance and Culture Club (LDCC). Thank you to this year’s student executive for affording us the chance to showcase our version of tango, in close close embrace, at this event. This ‘tango night’ at the OSU ballroom is the closest thing we have in Oklahoma to a milonga brava and it has been a regular annual event since 2007. Beautiful facility.

We also joined the tango community in Tulsa for two other impromptu public dance events, the one being guerilla-tango (dancing in the street) at the corner of Main and 3rd Street in downtown Tulsa – on Saturday, May 21st 2011, and the other being a summertime demonstration at the Free County Fair, on 22nd June, 2011.


presented by “Nonino’s Tango Instruction”
at South Tulsa Dancing Co studio
starting Sunday Oct 24th 6pm to 7pm

The curriculum is intended for beginners, or complete neophytes in the dance. But it is also a good review for not-quite-beginners trying to improve their lead-and-follow in this improvised dance. If you would like more details please inquire by email or telephone.

We are hoping to get all students pre-paid by the end of this week.

scheduled dates:

Sunday, Oct 24th
Sunday, Oct 31st
Sunday, Nov 7th
Sunday, Nov 14th
Sunday, Nov 21st

scheduled time: from 6 to 7 pm

location: South Tulsa Dance Co. Studio, 8222 E. 103rd St. Suite 133, Tulsa, OK 74133, south of Creek Turnpike, just off Memorial Ave

cost differential for men and women:

for men: $15 per lesson, or $65 for all five lessons (pre-paid by 23rd Oct)
for women: $10 per lesson, or $45 for all five lessons (pre-paid by 23rd Oct)

cost for couples:
$25 per lesson, or $110 for all five lessons (pre-paid by 23rd Oct)

It will be best if you arrive together with your partner. Regardless, we will be rotating partners during the lesson. The lessons will run 55 minutes long, including a short warm up. The facility is a large dedicated dance studio.

Again, the class schedule is to run from Oct 24th to Nov 21st, once a week, on Sunday evenings, from 6 to 7pm. (Yes, even though the 31st is Halloween, we thought we’d schedule the lesson for that Sunday too.) That’s the five Sundays, before Thanksgiving weekend.

Pre-enrolment will be required. Payment by personal check, cash or Paypal accepted.

To obtain the early-bird discount ($65 for all five lessons for men, $45 for all five lessons for women, $110 per couple for all five lessons), participants must have fully paid prior to the first lesson.

Nonino will be teaching together with his lovely assistant ‘Calladita’. Please feel free to call Nonino if you have any questions: 918-398-6506. Or send an email to :

See the calendar of events online:
Nonino’s Calendar of Events:

See you soon!


Another fun night last night, Friday 17th Sept 2010, at our ‘Confiteria Ideal‘ milonga. Lots of smiles going round and round on the dance floor. And I must say: Muy elegante!

A special thank you to ‘El Pelado‘ for supplying the play list. Eminently danceable tunes! And of course a thank you to our sponsor, Agora Coffeehouse. See you next month on the third Friday for another one.

At this point in time, Nonino has brought 41 (forty-one) milongas to Tulsa for the community of milongueros here: starting in 2007 with a twice-monthly milonga in Brookside at a bar/restaurant; and then in 2008 with a Saturday afternoon milonga at Cosmo Cafe (in their old location); and since 2009 in East Tulsa at Agora Coffeehouse, in the center of the Fontana Mall; plus the occasional house milonga in Midtown Tulsa, over the years, including for Christmas Eve and/or New Year’s Eve!

In virtually every case ‘El Pelado‘ has been there as DJ or has supplied a playlist, complete with tandas (sets) and cortinas (curtains, to clear the floor between sets).  I recommend him for any milonga, in Oklahoma or anywhere out of state, if you want a genuine milonga musical experience and good rhythmic Argentine dance music.

Flexible lesson plans, adapted to your level of dancing, and your interest in Argentine tango, milonga, or vals.  For clients in Tulsa and Claremore areas, tel. 918-629-7732

Also, if you’re in Tulsa looking for a dance or a practice session, be sure to check out the tab for Upcoming Events on this website.

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